A Las Vegas Bath Salt Rehab Center Can Help You

Don’t confuse a Las Vegas bath salt rehab center with the spa treatment

Las Vegas Bath salt rehab has nothing to do with luxury, but a lot to do with bath salt. This is the latest trend in the “legal drugs” craze, which are escaping law enforcement. These so-called bath salts are actually over the counter drugs that mimic the effects of illegal drugs, such as cocaine and ecstasy.

However, they are being sold as bath salts (really poor quality bath salts), while the underground enjoys these products for less luxurious reasons. These OTC drugs when taken for recreational use are potentially dangerous and can cause mental disturbances. Worse yet, they are highly addictive, just as street drugs are.

A Las Vegas bath salt rehab center is ready to handle cases of “legal” drugs, just as they are ready to handle street drug or prescription drug rehab. If a person has a high level of substances in his/her body, the detox phase must come first. Afterwards, rehab therapy will focus on helping the person to avoid relapse and to stop resorting to the drug for stress-relief.

Some of the most popular bath salt drugs include Ivory Wave, Cloud 9, Hurricane Charlie, and White Lightning. The instructions clearly read, “Not intended for consumption” but few people are paying attention to this warning. This type of OTC drug is especially dangerous because children may be able to get a hold of it.

Sources say that strictly as a bath salt, these items are useless. They provide no odor and contribute nothing to a bath. However, they do produce “legal” highs, and this is concerning. Once a person has become addicted to the drug, a Las Vegas bath salt rehab center in Nevada is likely the only solution. It doesn’t really matter what the drug of choice is—people can become addicted to OTC drugs, illegal drugs and prescription drugs all the same.

A rehab facility will focus on rehabilitating the ex-user, whereas the detox center will help the person to remove the substance from his/her body. The rehab stage involves counseling and helping the person to avoid relapse in the future. Though these substances can be legally purchased (at least for the time being) this doesn’t mean they are legal drugs. In fact, they may even be more dangerous than alcohol and some lighter street drugs.

If you or someone you know needs help with recovery, then a Las Vegas bath salt rehab center in Nevada is the safest choice. Act now!