Managing Alcohol Cravings After Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Nobody is superhuman and no matter how well-intentioned an alcoholic is many ends up suffering symptoms after alcohol addiction treatment.

If you are struggling with a craving for a drink after alcohol addiction treatment try the following:

  • Talk to someone you trust like a sponsor, a supportive friend or an AA sponsor or member
  • Distract yourself with something that you really enjoy doing until the urge passes.  Sometimes taking a walk or taking care of an absorbing task is all it takes to get your mind off of the craving.
  • Remind yourself of your reasons for quitting drinking in the first place. Remember the positive effects of your actions. Remember that you are doing it for the health of your friends and family as well as yourself.
  • Remind yourself of hoe much time and money was spent on your recovery at an alcohol addiction treatment center and of how you will let others down if you break your sobriety after so much time and trouble.
  • Recognize the craving and make the decision to ride it out rather than trying to judge, fight or ignore it. The craving usually dissipates on it’s won.
  • Focus your attention inward and try to determine why you might be experiencing the craving in the first place and try to name why you are felling like this and why you might be craving it.

During your alcohol addiction rehab treatment you might be warned that slip ups are not unusual or even to be expected after you have been released into the real world which is fraught with temptation. Still you should not use that as a post-alcohol addiction treatment reason to use drugs or alcohol.  Although recovery in an alcohol addiction treatment is a process that sometimes does involve setbacks you can avoid having them altogether if you follow the prescribed coping strategies.