Non-Medical Alcohol Rehab Detox

Some people do not trust the traditional medical or Twelve-Step spiritual programs used for alcohol addiction and may instead opt to go to a non-medical alcohol rehab detox center. However this type of alcohol rehabilitation recovery detox is best suited for people with a milder addiction to addiction. Some people also choose this type of detox  to “clean out” before they go to a treatment center.

Choosing a Non-Medical Alcohol Rehab Detox

It is possible to do an alcohol rehab detox on your own but sometimes there can be very distressing and even life-threatening symptoms accompanying it so it is probably best for you to do it under some type of supervision, even if it is non-medical.

When choosing an alcohol rehab detox facility, it is best to choose one that suits your agenda for treatment and that you can afford. You might also want to fine-tune your choice to one that focuses only on alcohol.  Many non-medical centers will treat several addictions at once including marijuana, cocaine, heroin or prescription drugs.

What to Expect at a Non-Medical Alcohol Rehab Detox

Usually you are observed quite closely by staff for the first five days, especially if you are going through “cold turkey” in order to detox. After the detox is over you may be put on a very healthy diet. It most likely will consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grain and plenty of fluids that are drunk to flush out the toxic residue. Fiber rich foods are consumed to help clean out the colon.  This type of diet helps the person remove toxins caused by drinking while at the same time repairing tissues harmed by it.

Alcoholics also tend to have residue in the fatty areas of the body and also in the kidneys and liver where large amounts of toxins are stores. After a non-medical alcohol rehab detoxification you will be asked to exercise so your body can burn the fat that stores the toxins. Usually this exercise is low impact as many people feel sick for weeks after withdrawing from alcohol.

The exercises you can be expected to be asked to do include yoga, walking, stretching and swimming. This gets the muscles moving so you get rid of toxins and feel better.

Just keep in mind that not everybody makes it through a non-medical alcohol rehab detox. Sometimes the symptoms of withdrawal are just too hard to handle for it to work.