Phoenix Dual Diagnosis Rehab Works for Many

Substance abuse is a growing problem here in Phoenix and around the nation as a whole. The world is a turbulent and stressful place, and for many, the easiest way to escape overwhelming emotions and issues can appear to be by using alcohol and other drugs to numb the emotions and senses. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous and potentially deadly path. If you or someone you love is using substances to subdue emotional or psychological symptoms, a dual diagnosis Phoenix treatment program may be the best option to help you recover.

Dual diagnosis is the term used to describe substance abuse that occurs in conjunction with a mental health condition or diagnosis. Many patients do not realize that they are using in an attempt to mask anxiety or mood disorders or to combat depression and other illnesses. A quality Phoenix treatment center with a well trained staff and support team will be able to recognize the symptoms of emotional and psychological issues so that clients can get the comprehensive care they need to address the real causes of addiction so that they can start working towards total recovery.

Taking the time to find the right Phoenix dual diagnosis treatment center doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. A Better Tomorrow is a CARF certified treatment center that offers an array of therapies and programs for people in all stages of recovery. They offer dual diagnosis treatment through detox, inpatient and residential living, outpatient services, and more. They also offer an array of treatment options that will help address all facets of addiction and mental health issues as well as providing spiritual support and family therapy to help repair damaged relationships and to help make a full and complete recovery possible for everyone involved.

Alcohol and drug addiction is a very serious problem and it is one that certainly requires treatment. For people with an underlying mental illness, it means getting the right help and addressing the real problems, rather than just the symptoms. If someone you care for is using substances as a means of escaping emotional or psychological pain or trauma, it is up to you to do what you can to help them get treatment. A Better Tomorrow offers a range of therapies and services that can be highly effective, and taking the time to learn how they can help your loved one is an effort that will certainly prove to be quite worth your time.