Post Alcohol Treatment Center Survival Tips

The hardest part of recovery from addiction begins once the person has left the alcohol treatment center. It can be difficult to keep up your new lifestyle habits and stay sober when there may be so many temptations around that could cause you to relapse,.

Here are some tips for surviving after your stay in the alcohol treatment center.

  • Be sure to follow doctor’s orders and follow recommendations for attending counseling, getting appropriate nutrition and exercise and taking medication.
  • Do not arbitrarily stop taking a medication without first consulting your alcohol treatment center doctor as arbitrarily stopping some medications can cause you to relapse or suffer bad symptoms
  • Learn how to manage your stress so you can deal with it without having turn to alcohol or drugs.
  • Know your triggers and develop an action plan for what you will do if you are tempted to use alcohol or drugs that are not part of your prescribed medication. Recognize that insomnia, big life changes and relationship or location transitions might seriously affect your ability to cope with life.
  • Stay away from negative people and old using buddies that might tempt you to have a drink.
  • Know how to walk away from an argument that might have triggered you to have a drink in the past.
  • Develop a coping strategy for how you will deal with the issue of being offered a drink at a celebratory gathering in the future
  • Seek support if you feel that you might be in danger of a relapse; phone a counselor or buddy from the alcohol treatment center or a Twelve Step Program

Be aware that living life after treatment in an alcohol treatment center can be challenging to say the least and that if you do relapse you do not have to see yourself as a total failure; instead pick yourself up and continue with your sobriety as prescribed even if it means returning to the alcohol treatment center for more detox and therapy.