Private Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol addiction can be treated in a public or private alcohol rehab. The advantage of a private alcohol rehab is that very often the treatment tends to be better. People who go to a private alcohol rehab facilities tend to receive more individual treatment, especially when it comes to counseling and therapy about the emotional and psychiatric problems that might be driving the over-indulgence. In public recovery facilities there might be more group therapy and the program may be out-patient only.

Why Go to a Private Rehab

There are definitely advantages to going to a private alcohol rehab programs. First of all “money talks” and you generally can go when it is convenient to your schedule. You do not have to wait for an admission as I s the case with a public facility. State-run programs are often overcrowded and there can be a real risk to your sobriety and health as you wait to get treatment in a public facility…

There are usually better doctors, better surroundings and better amenities at an alcoholism rehabilitation center The treatment is also usually tailored to the individual. Many of them are more like fancy hotels rather than medical clinics with fitness programs, swimming pools, activity programs, shopping and trips and gourmet food.

The Cost of Private Rehab

So just how much more expensive is the cost of private alcohol rehab compared to other types? Count on spending anywhere from ten thousand dollars to forty thousand dollars for the required therapy. There are also super luxurious private alcohol rehab centers that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend but for the most part they are for the rich and famous and very well-heeled n life.

Program length tends to vary but in general the stay is much longer at private alcohol rehab program.  Ideally a person should be there for at least three months. This is the best way to reach the ultimate goal of being integrated once again into society as a sober person. Of course the longer that you stay in a private alcohol rehab the more expensive your costs are going to be over the long term.