Questions You Should Ask Alcohol Treatment Centers

There are many alcohol treatment centers to choose from in the world; all of them want to accomplish the same goal which is to get the alcoholic on the road to permanent sobriety. However each individual is different and you need to ask alcohol rehab centers specific questions to get an idea if they are right for you.

•    Here is an example of some questions you should be asking alcohol treatment centers before you book yourself or anyone in for rehab:
•    Do you believe there is a cure for alcohol addiction?  The answer you want to hear is “yes.”
•    Who assesses the alcoholic upon entry into the facility? You want to hear that it is a medical professional or ideally a team of professional psychiatrists, counselors and medical staff.
•    How many people will also be in the program at any one time? This is a good indicator of how much individual attention the alcoholic will receive.
•    Do you accept insurance? Some of these alcohol treatment centers can be very costly so see if there is some way you can find some relief with the financial burden.
•    What is the recovery rate of your patients?  These numbers can really vary. Look for alcohol treatment centers that have high rates of recovery and ask for testimonials and references from former patients as evidence.
•    What is your approach to alcohol detox? Is it medically supervised and what methods do you use?  Some methods may be more preferable than others depending on your case.
•    What are the credentials of your physicians and medical health professionals? If they cannot provide this information then you do not want to deal with them.

Finally make sure you ask about their rules and regulations. Some alcohol treatment centers are run like prisons and others like luxury hotels. The best alcohol treatment centers will treat their patients with dignity and allow contact with loved ones during the recovery process.