Recovery for the Drug Addict on Barbiturates

The drug addict on barbiturates might be facing a long, complex recovery just because barbiturates are compounds with several components that can have strong chemical effects on the brain.

Originally discovered by A. Bayer who also discovered the aspirin, barbiturates were first put into use in the late 1890s. They were used to treat insomnia, bad nerves, and seizures and quieted noisy mental patients. However, one of the side effects of these wonder drugs was addiction.

The types of barbiturates that are known to transform a person into a drug addict or the short-acting and long-acting ones. Examples of short acting barbiturates or Seconal and Nembuatal which are mostly surprised to aid sleep. An example of a long acting barbiturate is phobarbital which is used to reduce seizures and calm anxiety.
In low doses barbiturates create the same type of loss of inhibition and impairment caused by having a couple of cocktails. In moderate doses they produce slurred speech and clouded judgment. In high doses users display mood swings, babbling and loss of coordination. The problem with the drug addict taking barbiturates is that they build a tolerance which means they have to take more and more of the drug to get high. When that happens the drug addict is at risk of dropping dead due to the collapse of the cardiovascular system.

If you are addicted to barbiturates you need to get into recovery immediately. They cause impaired thinking, bad reflexes, fatigue, depression, hostility, reduced libido, paranoia and you are at greater risk of suicide. The drug is toxic enough to do damage to the liver and the pancreas.

Unfortunately many people on barbiturates are so strongly addicted that it often takes a real medical emergency to get them into rehab. If you do suspect that a drug addict is about to die from a barbiturate overdose then you need to keep them awake and moving until you can get them to a hospital.
Recovery from barbiturates means the drug addict must go into a medically supervised drug alcohol rehab because the withdrawal can be fatal as well.