Recovery for the Drug Addict on Nitrite Inhalants

It seems incredible but it is possible to become a drug addict hooked on nitrate inhalants and nitrous oxide. This is a “high” for people looking for a cheap high and a laugh.
Nitrates are cheap and easy to get, usually through a mail order pamphlet. One of the most popular of these drugs is Amyl Nitrate. Amyl nitrate was invented over 130 years ago to treat heart disease. It eases angina pain by dilating blood vessels but it also creates a short wave of euphoria. It became a prescription drug only in 1968.
A cousin of Amyl Nitrate is Butly nitrite which is often sold as a room odorize or liquid incense. It is also sometimes called Locker Room. It became the choice of poison for the drug addict who wanted to whoop it up on the dance floor and in the bedroom in the eighties and it is still used today.

Today the newest nitrite is called cyclohexyl nitrite and it is sold as a head cleaner for VCRS. They enhance romance by increasing the heart rate, creating dizziness and creating flushing.

It is possible to become a drug addict sniffing these things because the rush of sniffing it wears off quickly. This causes inhalers to inhale more and ore. Side effects like nausea, vomiting, fainting and blackout are likely. Blackouts are particularly severe if drinking or taking other drugs is part of the high. Glaucoma and blood cell damage are likely.

The main danger behind inhaling nitrate inhalants is that it leads to the kind of impaired judgment that causes the individual to do life threatening quantizes of other drugs and also alcohol.

The personality that does this type of drug is often reckless, ruthless and in need of a lot of counseling. Often it takes a life-threatening emergency to get them into recovery. Drug recovery often consists of 12 step therapy and psychological counseling and often it requires medical monitoring of the heart rate and a residential stay.