Recovery for the Drug Addict on Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide, also known as N20 or Giggle gas is a medical drug that dates back to the eighteenth century and unfortunately it can make you into a drug addict even if you think you are doing it just for laughs.

Commonly known as laughing gas it is an invisible sweet smelling ass that produces feelings of relaxation, floating sensations, giddiness and relaxations. Dentists use it as a mild anesthesia.

However laughing gas is also a common feature at raves where it plays the role of recreational drug. Sometimes tanks of nitrous oxide are widely available for ravers to use. Another source of N20 is whipped cream containers where it is used as a propellant. It is also sold to the drug addict through mail order ads as “Whip-Its.”
Aside from headaches and nausea this drug, fun as it seems, causes a lot of sudden deaths. One of the main dangers is the risk of suffocation. Sniffing it directly causes the individual to pass out and sometimes breathing stops as well. It is particularly dangerous to use it in a car with the windows rolled up as it causes suffocation deaths. Excessive use causes an impairment of both motor control and coordination.

It may seem unreal that somebody could become a drug addict due to nitrous oxide but it happens. Sometimes nitrous oxide is not the drug that is the addictive culprit. The initial high caused by the nitrous oxide in a club creates a desire to try other types of drugs that might be even more addictive.

Usually treatment for the drug addict on nitrous oxide requires twelve-step counseling or psychiatric treatment of some kind. Often this type of drug addict is quite immature but there are cases where employees in dentist offices have also become so addicted that they need a residential stay in a drug rehab. As innocent as a drug may seem never underestimate the psychological power it can have over you to turn you into a drug addict.