Rehab Center Devices for Keeping You Drug and Alcohol Free

At a rehab center you might be prescribed a device of some king to keep you comfortable from withdrawal symptom and to prevent you from using. Some of those most popular rehab center devices area are patches, ankle bracelets and pills.

Let’s start by discussing the “alcohol patch.” Similar to a nicotine patch it prevents you from drinking booze. It just simply emits a substance into your body that kills the desire for alcohol.

Sometimes a rehab center medical staff member will prescribe you a pill. Bacoflen, an epilepsy medication is sometimes used to reduce cravings. It is also a muscle relaxant that reduces anxiety.

You might also be prescribed Anabuse. Sometimes you can be court-ordered into having to take anabuse. If you consume alcohol while on this pill it can cause sweating, nausea and other uncomfortable body symptoms. In some people it can even cause death which is enough to scare the alcoholic away from touching booze while they are on it.

Sometimes a doctor will prescribe Natrexone which is supposed to block alcohol cravings. You can still drink but you will drink less. Celebrities will pay $700 for a shot of this to keep their drinking moderate for a few days.

Some alcoholics are court-ordered to use a breathalyzer and others are also order to wear a SCRAM. This is an ankle bracelet that monitors the perspiration of the person wearing it. If the person drinks it is detected. Perhaps the most famous person to wear a scram was young Lindsay Loan to keep her from drinking alcohol after she was busted for drunk driving. SCRAM stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitering.)

Many rehab center experts are dubious that these devices and medications will ultimately prevent anyone from drinking. It is much effective to have the addict follow a solid recovery plan that involves the use of the free will to quit as well as educational and psychiatric support.