Rehab Program for Ambien Addicts

If you become addicted to Ambien then you may not be able to withdraw from it without a rehab program. Ambien is a sedative-hypnotic that has the same kind of calming effects on the body and mind as Valium and Xanax. It is usually prescribed as a short term treatment for insomnia. Short-term in the medical world means five weeks.

Ambien addiction that leads to a rehab program often occurs in people who are suffering from a dual diagnosis problem. They may have an underlying mania or depression that is fueling the insomnia. Ambien users who have a companion psychiatric disorder may need long-term treatment in a rehab to sort out the problems.

This popular sleeping pill acts in about fifteen minutes and takes about eight hours to leave the body. The drug does not usually have any after effects the next morning.

However if you decide to combine alcohol with ambient you can put yourself in a coma. The problem is that a lot of alcoholics think that Ambien is safe to use after a night of drinking. Ambien is sometimes combined with alcohol for use as a date rape drug.

Ambien is very habit forming and people develop a tolerance to it. They can end up with even worse insomnia than ever if the insomnia is caused by a medical problem or if the drug is taken more than five weeks. This is called rebound insomnia.

The drug has also been shown to cause retrograde amnesia. People often can’t remember what happened just before and after the drug was taken. The drug also causes sleep walking in some people. If woken while on this drug, the person may not have the reflexes in place to respond swiftly to an emergency.

The reason you need a rehab program if you are addicted to Ambien is that you can have seizures if you suddenly stop taking it. This can cause brain damage and even death so be sure to withdraw from the drug with the proper medical rehab program supervision.