Rehab Program for Xanax Addicts

Xanax, also known as alprazolam is one of the most addictive prescription drugs in existence and if you become addicted the only way you should withdraw is through a rehab program. There are many generic forms of it so the pill itself comes in a variety of colors and shapes. It is in the benzodiazepine family of drugs which also includes Valium, Restoril and Librium. Xanax is usually used to treat anxiety.

The FDA in the U.S. considers it to be a very habit forming drug that should not be prescribed for long. Furthermore abrupt withdrawal can cause death. Even though it is usually prescribed for short term use, some people use it on a daily basis. People increase their intake to feel high and then develop a tolerance. If they do not get a dose of Xanax then they begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms of withdrawal occur within 24 hours of the drug leaving the body.

The main killer symptom is anxiety. Ironically Xanax is often abused by a lot of alcoholics who want to treat the withdrawal symptoms associated with drinking. The end result is they end up addicted to Xanax and have to go to a rehab program anyway.

The drug can also be ironic because it is often taken for insomnia. However taking it over the long term can cause even more sleeplessness. This is the result of becoming dependent and then tolerant of Xanax.

Xansa addicts also may have extreme memory loss, especially if they decide to use it with alcohol. In fact taking Xanax with a few drinks is the equivalent of taking a date rape drug.

A Xanax rehab program often includes a weaning off of the drug and also a detox. This usually requires a substantial amount of medical supervision and it may also require additional medication to allay withdrawal symptoms. After that the Xanax rehab program also includes counseling and group therapy sessions.