San Diego Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Is Effective

Drug or alcohol addiction can be a very hard habit for anyone to break, but when the addiction forms as a means of trying to mask or numb the symptoms of an underlying mental illness, it can be even more complicated. Many people are unaware that they even have a mental illness when they start using, simply using substances to help alleviate anxiety or depression. If this is the case for you or someone you love, it may offer great benefit to look into San Diego dual diagnosis addiction treatment.

Dual diagnosis treatment is different than other methods of addiction treatment in that it looks to identify and treat the underlying mental health issues as well as the addiction itself. When depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders are present but untreated, relapse is incredibly common as patients keep using to keep symptoms from arising and creating turmoil in their lives. It is only after these conditions are diagnosed and treated that patients are able to successfully address their addictions and stop using substances. Finding a quality San Diego dual diagnosis treatment center can offer a great deal of hope to patients struggling with addiction and psychological issues.

If you have decided that a dual diagnosis rehab program is the right option, it is important to seek out a drug treatment center that will create an individualized treatment plan. Addiction varies from one patient to the next, and treatment must be able to meet the specific needs of each individual. When you find a dual diagnosis program that is tailored to meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of the individual patient, you will find that it can be much more successful. You will also find that a center with many treatment types and a well educated staff can make a significant difference.

Once you know that a dual diagnosis treatment center is the right option for you or your loved one, take the time to look at A Better Tomorrow. Not only do they offer a wide range of treatments, but you will find that they work to make rehabilitation accessible to as many people as possible. With a wide range of accepted insurance plans as well as financing options, A Better Tomorrow makes it easy for patients to get the individualized care that they need. Rehab should be an option for everyone, and finding quality dual diagnosis treatment is essential for anyone who struggles with substance abuse as well as mental health issues or concerns.