Why is Getting Help from a San Jose Bath Salt Rehab in California Critical?

San Jose Bath Salt Rehab Tackle Serious Problems with Bath Salts

It’s hard to take a drug seriously when it is legally available and considered an over-the-counter product. Law enforcement doesn’t control it, and any rumors you hear of the drug’s effects is all hearsay. Unfortunately, many people have learned the hard way that even legal drugs can be addictive and harmful. Thankfully, San Jose, California residents can get professional help from a San Jose bath salt rehab center.

The latest legal drug causing controversy is bath salt, a drug that appears to be bath salt but that is made for recreational purposes. This drug has been described as a legal version of ecstasy or cocaine. Just as those drugs are dangerous, so too are the legal alternatives. They have been proven as addictive and have also shown side effects of hallucinations, paranoia and panic. Tragically, some cases have even seen fatal overdose or suicide.

The fact that many young people are coming in to San Jose bath salt rehab centers and being accepted for “bath salt cases” proves that these drugs are considered addictive threats. Once a person is addicted to this drug, they cannot easily come off of it. This increases the chance of overdose and other ill effects. What about statements suggesting that these legal drugs are limited in potency and thus not a serious risk like crack cocaine?

The potency doesn’t really matter—what matters is that the drug is addictive. Addictive substances steadily increase the user’s appetite and need for the drug. The majority of users will seek out more of the drug as time goes on, eventually reaching overdose levels. The so-called “trips” on these bath salt drugs can actually exceed 72 hours, depending on the dosage level. Once a person reaches this stage, detox and San Jose bath salt rehab is really the only option for recovery.

This can be a very upsetting situation for family members and for the drug user, who is hiding a secret shame. While it does take courage to come forward, the recovery process is very low stress when compared to supporting the addiction.

Withdrawal symptoms may be too much to handle alone; furthermore, a rehab program can help teach a person how to push away the negative feelings, instead of drowning them out with recreational highs. If you, a family member, or a friend is having problems with bath salt drugs, please seek help immediately. A San Jose bath salt drug rehab treatment program in California can rid you of these dangerous toxins and restore you to full health!