San Jose Dual Diagnosis

What San Jose Dual Diagnosis Can Do For You

How can a person who has both a drug addiction and a mental or emotional disorder be helped? It’s a rather complex situation, and it’s enough to scare some facilities and some doctors away. It’s important to realize that many detox clinics and private rehab centers simply cannot help patients in San Jose, California. San Jose Dual diagnosis requires not only a detoxification program, and a rehab program, but also a psychiatric evaluation.

A person who is chronically depressed or hallucinating could be a danger to himself and to others. A doctor must be involved in the process, from the detox stage all the way to the end. Very often, medication is required. This may seem counterproductive since the point of rehab is to get patients off of drugs. However, in the case of a person who is violently unpredictable or who has the capacity to injure him or herself, simply ignoring the problem (and treating the addiction) is not going to work.

An addictive personality may go through very intense withdrawal symptoms. In many cases, with San Jose dual diagnosis and in traditional detox, a patient must be put on other medications in order to come off a more powerful drug. Therefore, a doctor must be consulted for dual disorder treatment. Most private facilities for rehab are not equipped to handle a psychiatric case. Even some detox clinics cannot handle the demands, since they may only have a physician on call or a nursing staff.

However, don’t lose hope. Rest assured, there are San Jose dual diagnosis treatment centers in a big city like San Jose, California. What is the process like? It is very professional and very safe, as you will be handled by experienced doctors and nurses that understand addiction, as well as the disorder. The detox phase may seem scary at first, but with advanced medical treatment, you will not have to endure painful withdrawal symptoms. Some doctors may even use general anesthesia to lessen the pain involved.

Resolving to make a change in your life and seek help for addiction is by no means easy. However, you must put away those negative feelings that say there is shame in asking for help. It’s nearly impossible to beat a drug addiction and a personality disorder without getting professional help. These are serious issues that can affect the way you live and think, and thus cannot be taken lightly.

For more information on this subject contact a San Jose dual diagnosis center that can help you escape this internal prison.