Secures CARF Accreditation

Jerrod Menz
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Certification from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) puts the Murrieta-based clinic in the top 5 percent
of drug and alcohol treatment centers in California

MURRIETA, June 2, 2006 A Better Tomorrow, a Murrieta-based clinic that provides treatment for drug, alcohol and gambling addiction, has obtained certification from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

“This is national recognition of high standards, of high quality of care,” said Thom Montgomery, a Los Angeles-based certification consultant who guided A Better Tomorrow through the CARF accreditation process. “CARF accreditation puts A Better Tomorrow in the top 5 percent of drug and alcohol clinics in California. Their staff and facilities meet the highest national standards.”

Until now, A Better Tomorrow has been operating solely with a license from the state Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. But now that A Better Tomorrow has CARF accreditation, its programs can be readily covered by medical insurance providers.

Montgomery, who has been helping drug and alcohol clinics obtain CARF accreditation since 1979, said CARF accreditation is an unusual accomplishment for a clinic that is only two years old. “A Better Tomorrow represents one of the best clinics I’ve worked with,” he said.

In a letter to A Better Tomorrow, CARF cited number of the clinic’s strengths, including “a highly qualified staff that is motivated, responsive, enthusiastic and passionate.” CARF also referenced the high quality of A Better Tomorrow’s post-discharge care.

A Better Tomorrow is a two-year old private clinic that has provided treatment services for drug, alcohol and gambling addicts from throughout Southern California as well as Arizona and Nevada. For more information, contact Jerrod Menz at (800) 757-9867 or visit the clinic’s website at