Seeking Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

Many individuals believe themselves able to escape a drug addiction without checking themselves into drug rehab. While this would be great news if it were true, the fact of the matter is that the majority of people can’t travel that difficult road alone. Drug use creates chemical dependencies in the brain, physically changing the way your brain reacts to the world (both when you’re on drugs and when you’re off them). The end result is that drugs rewire your brain to ensure that you continue to depend on your given drug. Rehab becomes an essential social outlet for seeking support in overcoming this dependency.

Ongoing drug addiction has to do with more than just chemical dependency, though. There is also the fact that drug use is prevalent in American society, especially in Los Angeles. Recent surveys have shown that 8.2% of all LA residents over the age of 12 had taken illegal drugs at least once in the 30 days prior to being surveyed. That ranks Los Angeles as the eight most drug-dependent metropolitan city in America. Most humans can’t quit on their own without a drug rehab program, and that’s before you take into account the pervasive drug culture that exists in Los Angeles. The end result is that professional help is the best available option for anyone struggling to re-balance their life and leave behind their growing problems with addiction. In order to escape your dependency on drug use, you must first escape any environment where drug use is a normalized part of many people’s lives.

An effective drug rehab program is one that does more than simply detoxify the body of chemical dependencies. While this is an important component of drug rehab, it alone will typically lead to relapse (where a previous user begins consuming drugs again). In order to see real progress and change, a program must attend to all of a person’s emotional, developmental, psychological and spiritual needs. The client must be given a chance to develop a healthy set of emotional responses to the world, replacing drug dependency with something else. Typically, this happens in a safe environment that’s free from outside interference – a sanctuary to re-develop a healthy self-image. A drug rehab program can offer all these things in many different ways: an in-patient program, out-patient program, “sober house” retreat center or support group meeting space. Regardless of format, a successful drug rehab curriculum addresses a wide set of client needs with specialized and unique service options.