Sobriety Coaching After an Alcohol Treatment Program

The best alcohol treatment program is going to be the one that offers sobriety coaching once you have left the premises. The period after an alcoholic leaves an alcohol treatment program can be exciting and challenging but without monitoring and coaching the person could relapse.

Benefits of sobriety coaching after an alcohol treatment program can include –

  • Helping the alcoholic organize his or her life and reclaim the parts that were neglected during the time he or she was too drunk to handle normal life
  • Helping the recovered alcoholic to update the home environment so that it is free of booze and all things that might trigger the alcoholic to drink again
  • Teaching the alcoholic how to shop and make nutritious meals
  • Help the recovered alcoholic to deploy their newly acquired skills in a productive and practical fashion
  • Help the recovered alcoholic to schedule activities and then keep their promises to attend them or keep deadlines
  • Teach the alcoholic coping skills when invited to an event where alcohol is present
  • Helping the alcoholic attend events where he or she can make new friends or indulge themselves in hobbies that will help them meet new people
  • Help them find sober connections in life so that they are not tempted to relapse. There are many positive sober people and activities out there that can help keep thoughts of using alcohol out of the addict’s mind

Sometimes this type of an alcohol treatment program counselor is also known as a transitional sobriety coach. The best alcohol treatment program will offer this type of post-recovery program as a matter of course and to have this kind of caring staff on hand that is willing to follow through is what you should look for when deciding which rehab is best for you.