Staying Sober After An Alcohol Treatment Program

Staying sober after an alcohol treatment program is the hard part of staying well. However there are some basic self-care practices that are essential to staying sober after you have completed your stay in alcohol rehab.

First of all you should focus on eating right to combat mood swings and swings in blood sugar that could cause a craving for alcohol.  Secondly you also need to focus on eating right because if you eat a nutritious diet your body is less likely to crave alcohol as well.

Building a healthy support network is also necessary. Be sure to surround yourself with positive influences and people who build your self-esteem in keep you motivated in what is going on in daily life. This will help keep your mind off any cravings for alcohol.

If you develop new activities and interest you will have a new sense of meaning and purpose to direct your life. As you become more captivated by the things you can accomplish getting drunk will have less appeal for you.

Develop a strategy as to how you are going to deal with invitations to parties, weddings and other celebrations that might have be offering alcohol.

If medication is prescribed for anxiety or any other withdrawal symptoms be sure to take it exactly as directed.

Do yoga, meditate and do things that you enjoy to keep your stress levels in check.

Learn coping skills to deal with stress that might trigger you to use alcohol; at your alcohol treatment program you will more than likely be provided with strategies with how to handle these situations.

While in an alcohol treatment program most alcoholics are given an exercise and diet plan as well as advice about living well and if you are serious about staying sober in the long term it is a good idea to follow it.