Steps to Persuade a Friend into Drug Alcohol Rehab

Long before we get to the point where it becomes necessary to change our ways we will often keep continuously rescuing an alcoholic from experiencing the results of their drinking. It is best to step back and let him or her make a big mistake or hit “rock bottom.”  Without something threatening happening, most alcoholics will resist the idea altogether.

Here are the steps to help check a friend into drug alcohol rehab

  • Make sure that your friend knows that you are concerned about his or her habit and that you would like him or her to get help.  Make sure that the person is sober or clean when you have this conversation or what you are saying may not  be clear
  • Make sure your friend has specific examples of how he or she is being self-destructive or harmful and give examples that support what you are saying
  • Try to get your friend to admit that there is a problem; if not you might have to prepare to totally fail at getting the person into a drug alcohol rehab program
  • Resolve to stick by the person, even while they are in drug alcohol rehab so that he or she always knows that there is a friend there for him if he or she decides to get help

Finally make sure that the person knows that if he or she does not listen to you that there will be consequences to their actions. Usually this entails giving the alcoholic an ultimatum. Threaten to withdraw all contact if he or she does not acknowledge that there is a problem.

Unfortunately the hardest thing for many people to do is withdraw from the alcoholic completely, especially if it is a spouse or lover but that may be the very thing required to hustle the person into hitting “a rock bottom” that is hard enough that he or she will get help. Sometimes this requires not seeing the person that you love for some time, however it is a very necessary, yet painful part of persuading the person to go into a drug alcohol rehab facility of his or her own free will.