Support for Substance Abuse

If you are engaged n substance abuse you may find yourself desperate for support. You may not know where to start when it comes to taking that first step to recovery. All you might realize is that reading self-help books might not be enough. Instead you might choose to go to a rehab.

If you are going to quit being a victim of your own substance abuse it is important that you reach out and make the calls that you need to so you can recover.

Support for substance abuse is usually not far away and can come from

• Family members if they are sympathetic
• Friends if they are sympathetic
• Counselors
• Human resource experts if it does not threaten your job
• Coworkers if it does not threaten your job
• Health providers (doctors or counselors at clinics)
• Psychiatrist
• Psychologist
• Official from your faith such as a priest
• Fellow churchgoers
• Other recovering drug or alcohol addicts

Reaching out to others when you have a problem can take enormous strength and courage. It is difficult to admit you have vulnerability, especially if you are used to being seen as the one in control.

However when reaching out it is best to reach out to a substance abuse rehab if you can. This is because facing your addiction without diminishing the problem is difficult when you try to express it to loved ones. There is also a strong possibility that it is a family member that triggered the drinking in the first place. Often exchanges with family members regarding excessive drinking open floodgates of resentment that can be overwhelming for the alcoholic.

The same problem might be true if you try to reach out to friends or coworkers. You might be so upset by what you hear about your own drinking it could tempt you to drink more.

Psychiatrists, psychologists and addiction counselors are more removed from your personal situation and perhaps able to advise you the best about your problem.
It is a good idea to face your addiction without minimizing it or making excuses. If you are ready to make changes and seek help you can build a satisfying life free of dependency on drugs.