Take Your Substance Abuse Self Assessment

Sometimes it is hard to tell if you have a substance abuse problem. That is because it is so socially acceptable to drink alcohol and do different drugs in a recreational matter. However there can become a time when an individual who has been using a lot of drugs or alcohol might be wondering if they have a substance abuse problem.

If this is the case then you can try and eliminate your confusion about this matter by taking this substance abuse self-inventory.

As yourself the following questions:
• Do you feel like you can’t stop doing or using the substance, even if you wanted to?
• Do you ever feel remorse or guilt about your substance use?
• Do you not feel in balance unless you have done a certain amount of drugs every day?
• Do you need to use a drug to relax or fall asleep?
• Do your friends or family members complain or worry about your substance use.
• Do you lie about how much of the substance you are using to others?
• Do you hide the substance so nobody can see how much you do?
• Are you doing anything illegal in order to obtain the substance or drug?
• Are you spending money on drugs that you don’t have – spending the rent or mortgage or grocery money on drugs?
• Are you borrowing money to do the substance.
• Are you using more than one recreational drug at a time?
• Do you live each day with the idea that the substance will be your reward at the end?

If you answered yes to even one or more of these questions then you likely have substance abuse problem. Recognizing this is your first step on the road to recovery with your second step to realize that in order to quit you may have to attend a drug rehab center or detox rehab or at the very least get counseling for your problem.