The 3 Types of Detox Drug Rehab Centers

When you are looking for a drug rehab center it will serve you well to find one that has a good detox program in place. Depending on your addiction, detox can take from several hours to two weeks to take place. There are some detox facilities that are stand-alone but you want to find the ones that are part of the program.

There are three main types of drug detox methods that re used at drug rehab centers. These are the social, medical and rapid detox models.

Social Detox is for people with a moderate dependency and who are not chronic substance abusers. They are usually able to detox naturally with the use of prescribed drugs. This is a medically supervised environment that takes place in a supportive environment with other drug addicts who are suffering from the same issues.

Medical Detox is for people who have developed poor health as the result of having severe substance abuse issues. Often these individuals also have other existing medical conditions like diabetes or a bi-polar problem. This type of detox must take place under the close supervision of a physician and supporting staff. Often the symptoms of withdrawal are severe and painful and include autonomic hyperactivity, delirium tremens, hallucinations and seizures. This type of detox is often necessary for those addicted to both recreational and prescription drugs

The rapid detox drug rehab model has only been in existence for about ten years. It is used on drug addicts with opiate addictions. Special medications are used to clean out the individual while he or she is under general anesthesia in an intensive care unit. Follow up medication is also prescribed to break the addiction. This type of treatment might be contracted out or done at a local hospital under the auspices of the drug rehab center.

These are the main three detox systems offered at detox drug center but non-traditional programs such as bio-physical, nutritional and faith-based drug rehab center drug programs also exist.