The Pros and Cons of MDPV Bath Salts

Bath Salt

Bath salts, aka Bonsai Grow, aka Lovey Dovey, aka Sextacy, aka Ivory Wave, aka White Lightning, are known variants of the drug MDPV (methylenedioxypyrovalerone). This new recreational drug that is not really a drug. Well, actually, it is a drug. Ask anyone who has eaten or snorted or smoked or shot it. The question is: is it really as dangerous as the media and the government would have us believe?

MDPV has only been on the market for a few years. It has been on the mainstream radar for a briefer time than that; therefore, there is not much scientific data to support anyone’s claims about the drug. All of the information available about bath salts is from the word of mouth of actual users. Probably the best source for insider reports on the effects of MDPV can be found on, a website devoted to reporting personal experiences with psychoactive substances. There is some information available from hospital and police sources, mainly via corporate media, and this reporting tends to be exaggerated and heavily slanted against the drug.
Upside to Bath Salts

According to users and some unbiased medical reporting, the positive effects of MDPV bath salts are similar those experienced by users of cocaine and amphetamine. Typical experiences include: euphoria, alertness, pleasant sensitivity, heightened intelligence and sexual arousal. The effects are fairly brief, similar to cocaine, and depend in length and intensity on the manner used to consume the drug. Other positive attributes of the drug, which are sure to be temporary with the direction most governments are heading, are the fact that it is still legal. This has two benefits: users risk little to no legal repercussions possessing the drug, and the fact that it is available at retail outlets like convenience stores means that users do not have to risk becoming victims of the crime by purchasing it from underground drug dealers.
Downside to Bath Salts

On the downside, MDPV bath salts carry side effects also similar to those one gets from other illegal stimulants. Loss of appetite, paranoia, anxiety, depression, teeth grinding, delusions, and increased heart rate are among the more commonly reported symptoms. There is some indication that the drug may be habit-forming or addictive, which is to be expected, but it seems to be less addictive than other stimulants. There are also reports of deaths from overdose, but the confirmed cases of this are among intravenous users who consume very large quantities of the drug.

These are the basic facts about MDPV bath salts. Sure, it is probably dangerous, but many things are. Is it worth the risk to you?