The Signs of Vicodin Drug Addiction

Vicodin drug addiction is a severe problem in the United States. According to the National Institute of Health this drug has a heavy economic impact. Vicodin drug addiction costs over $484 billion annually in healthcare costs, lost job wages, crime, traffic accidents and putting abusers of the drug through the court system. It is an extremely addictive drug and it is so chemically binding to the brain that it is next to impossible to get off of it without medical supervision in a detox and rehab.

Vicodin is a powerful pain killer and usually doctors only prescribe it in small amounts to avoid drug addiction. However it is potential for abuse is well known and it seems that the true Vicodin addict will find a way to procure it and use it.

Here are some of the signs of vicodin addiction:
• After the pain the vicodin was prescribed for, the person continues use of the drug
• The user develops anxiety and general agitation
• A major warning symptom of vicodin drug addiction is mood and behavior changes that develop into hostility
• If you stop taking Vicodin you experience physical withdrawal symptoms such as joint and muscle aches and increased night sweets
• Dependent individuals will move secretly from physician to physician trying to get a prescription; sometimes making up maladies to get it
• In the early stages of this type of drug addiction, hiding the pills is common
• Running out of money is another sign of vicodin drug addiction as money is spent on street versions of it
• A change of routine in life that makes taking the vicodin the focus of existence
• Withdrawal from society in order to get high on vicodin

If you do suspect vicodin drug addiction in yourself or someone else you must get immediate help. There is no other option. It is a pain killer that is an absolute killer that is somehow given a legitimacy just because it is prescribed.