The Top 12 Benefits Of Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient alcohol addiction rehab programs can be acquired through a hospital or in a private treatment center. Either way the patient in an inpatient alcohol rehab program program is not allowed to leave the facility and must, in essence, live there until treatment is over.

Here are the top ten benefits of inpatient alcohol rehab over other types:

  • Removing the alcoholic from the environment in which he is allowed to repeat his bad lifestyle patterns seems to help them recover fast.
  • If the alcoholic is monitored 24 hour a day it is impossible for him or her to use as the inpatient alcohol rehab staff will always be watching
  • Negative influences such as enabling friends, drinking buddies and codependents that push alcoholics to the brink of their sanity are not around to trigger the alcoholic into using alcohol
  • Withdrawal symptoms can be severe enough that alcoholics need daily medical supervision in case they find themselves physically in trouble with withdrawal symptoms
  • Inpatient alcohol rehab physicians will often prescribe medications to help ease the discomfort of withdrawal from alcohol
  • If watched constantly the alcoholic cannot substitute one addiction for another, such as trade in an alcohol addiction for an addiction to painkillers or cocaine
  • Loved ones are not exposed to the rage, self-pity and mood swings that are often part of the recovery process of withdrawing from alcohol
  • There are psychologists and counselors available at all times to help the alcoholic deal with the anger, guilt and remorse that often comes with stopping drinking
  • Living in an alcohol rehab treatment center forces the patient to focus on only one goal twenty four hours a day and that is completely recovering from alcohol addiction
  • Alcoholics find understanding and companionship by socializing with other patients who are going through exactly the same type of thing that they are so they never feel lonely
  • The special nutritional needs of the alcoholic are often part treatment at an inpatient alcohol rehab place and eating the right foods can definitely speed recovery
  • The alcoholic does not miss Twelve-Step meetings for any reason as they are located right on the premises whereas outside the facility walls the alcoholic might be tempted to skip the meetings.

It is important to remember that no matter how many benefits it has an inpatient alcohol rehab treatment program may not always help until the alcoholic has made a fully conscious decision to overcome his or her addiction.