Tips for Finding A Christian Alcohol Rehab

If you feel most comfortable recovering from your addiction in a Christian Alcohol rehab center that has a true Twelve Step Program that allows you to place your problem in the hands of God then here are some tips for finding one.

Talk to Your Priest

Turn to your priest or another trusted leader in your church and confess your problem. These spiritual leaders will be private and discreet about what you have to tell them. Most will know of a Christian alcohol recovery rehab that you can attend.

If you live in a very small town or rural community or are afraid of gossip that could damage your reputation then you can always travel to a nearby town to get advice about your problem and what the best alcohol treatment rehab is for you.

Join a Christian Support Group

Join a Christian support group for alcoholics either online or offline. Most members of these groups will be able to recommend doctors, therapists, detox centers and a Christian alcohol rehab.

If you join a Christian support group for alcoholics online you are more likely to remain anonymous. Chatting in rooms and on online forums about your drinking problem is not a bad idea you would rather not have the whole world know that you have a problem. However, most people who attend Christian alcohol rehab programs and who have sustained a recover would say that meeting with others in a group in person is the best way to go as the group prayer that is part of the meeting has a special curative and calming power for the recovering alcoholic.

Travel to A Christian Alcohol Rehab Facility

If privacy is an issue consider going away to a facility that is far away. This is especially true if family issues of abuse or codependency have somehow contributed to your addiction problem.

The other nice thing about a far way Christian alcohol rehab is that it often tends to be located in a beautiful natural environment where nature can also be part of your healing process. Prayer, meditation and exercising outdoors are part of most Christian alcohol rehab treatment programs and the nicer the environment is, the more positive you will obviously feel about your recovery.