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If you or a loved one is experiencing trouble with drug or alcohol abuse, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Addiction can affect every facet of a person’s life including employment, relationships with friends and family, and personal health, causing problems that can be very hard to manage in the future. What is most important is to find a treatment option that works with your needs as soon as possible, such as a drug rehab or alcohol rehab center, to help the person overcome the addiction and get back on his or her feet. A Better Tomorrow Treatment Center, with our wide variety of treatment programs and rehabilitation options, could be just what you or your loved ones have been looking for.

A Better Tomorrow has many drug and alcohol rehab options in order to ensure you find one that meets your needs and schedule. Our excellent staff of licensed therapists, physicians, nurses, and counselors is available around the clock to make sure you or your loved one is receiving the best possible drug rehab or alcohol rehab available today. Once you have recognized there is an abuse problem and decided to choose our drug and alcohol rehab center, it is important to consider all the treatment options available and select the program or combination of programs that will be most successful.

Here at A Better Tomorrow, we offer a wide variety of comprehensive drug rehab, alcohol rehab, and other rehab programs to serve you. Some examples of the customizable treatment options we offer are:

1. Drug Addiction Treatment: We offer both inpatient and outpatient drug rehab programs here to meet your individual needs. Inpatient treatment involves residing in our housing facilities, usually for anywhere from one to six months, and undergoing our intensive, multi-step process involving group therapy, individual and behavioral therapy, and frequent physician’s check-ups. Our unique outpatient rehab process allows clients to continue to live in their own homes and maintain a regular schedule, while still experiencing the top of the line therapy and medical care A Better Tomorrow offers. These two treatments are often used in combination, beginning with an extended inpatient drug rehab program and finishing with the outpatient treatment, ensuring a high success rate without relapse.

2. Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Our alcohol rehab program also offers both intensive inpatient and outpatient treatment options. Both programs begin with a special detoxification process that is closely monitored by both physicians and therapists to ensure safety and success. Then our highly qualified staff will develop a personalized treatment plan with the client that takes into consideration their particular needs as well as assessing and managing any underlying illnesses or disorders that may contribute to the addiction problem.

A Better Tomorrow Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center is committed to helping clients overcome their addiction problems over the long term and managing them for life. Through a time-tested combination of therapy, medical assessment and care, and use of evidence-based treatment, we can help you or your loved ones defeat the illness once and for all.