Top 15 Residential Drug Rehab Center Services

If you have struggled with staying free from drugs for a long period of time then you might consider going to a residential drug rehab center. This is for people who have struggled with sobriety for a long time. These centers are less expensive than inpatient centers but offer similar services.

Services that might be offered at a residential rehab center include:

1. Comprehensive medical exam
2. A detoxification program
3. Psychological testing
4. Mental health counseling
5. Psychiatric evaluation
6. Individual therapy
7. Group therapy
8. Pharmaceutical management (for those taking medications for withdrawal symptoms)
9. Social skills development
10. Communication skills development
11. Recreational programs,
12. Exercise programs
13. Relapse prevention strategies
14. Job search assistance and even placement
15. Sober living skills

The great thing is that even though these residential programs are often public and less glamorous than inpatient centers they offer similar programs and sometimes even better services than a drug rehab that is more like a spa.

Furthermore the residential drug rehab center use tried and true multidisciplinary approaches tailored to address the motivations and triggers that caused the addiction in the first place. Depending on the drug addict approaches might also include family therapy, group therapy, women’s therapy, anger management courses, cognitive-behavioral therapy and pharmacological treatment using naltroxone,methadone or LAAM.

Many residential drug rehab centers are based on the Therapeutic Community model which emphasizes the resocialization of the drug addict through interaction with staff, doctors, other addicts and the local community. This type of program addresses the attitudes that lead to substance abuse and encourage the drug addict to take responsibility for changing their behavior and living like a sober individual from now on.

Residential drug rehab centers can also be more specialized than other types of rehabs. Many of them become recovery homes for specific drug addicts such as children and teens, prostitutes or victims of child abuse. The more specialized the residential drug rehab center is the more effective it also is likely to be.