Top 21 Treatment Center Slogans Against Drugs

If you go to a treatment center for drug or alcohol recovery the first thing you will notice is that there are slogans everywhere meant to assist your recovery. These are often hung as posters everywhere and sometimes even taped as messages or posted on stick-its and on T-Shirts. Sometimes the residents take it even further and write this sort of thing on the treatment center bathroom walls.

Here are just some of the most popular treatment center slogans used to reinforce sobriety amongst treatment center patients –
1. Be Aware! Don’t Share! (This usually refers to addicts sharing needles to avoid the spread of HIV/AIDS)
2. Choose the Booze and You Lose!
3. Drug Free is the Way to BE
4. Keep Off the Grass!
5. Get High on Life, Not Drugs (sometimes in Christian treatment centers you will see Get High On Jesus, Not Drugs instead)
6. Hang tuff! Don’t Puff!
7. HUGS not DRUGS!
8. If you are not drug free you can’t hang with me.
9. It’s Not About You! (Most addicts look for triggers to use in the form of personal slights; by taking life less personally the addiction does not have as much control.
10. Just say nope to dope!
11. Let Go and Let God! (This is a very common slogan used in Christian and AA based treatment centers.)
12. PCP Bad for ME
13. Pot Makes Your Brain Rot So Let’s Not
14. Shoot for the stars! Not your arms!
15. Smoking Dope Won’t Help You Cope
16. Stay Alive! Don’t Drink and Drive (this has since become part of the M.A.D.D. program selection of slogans and it is also used in a lot of government and health advertising.)
17. Take it Easy! (This A.A. slogan is used to remind drug addicts that it is stress and thinking too much about things that can lead people to use.)
18. There’s no excuse for drug abuse.
19. Under Every Slip A Skirt (this is a very old AA treatment center slogan that refers to how drinking can lead to infidelity)
20. Up With Hope, Down With Dope
21. You Use You Lose

You might be wondering why it is so important for these corny rhyming slogans to be everywhere you look in a treatment center but it is actually part of therapy. The theory is that most people in a treatment center are quite blurry from emotional confusion and detox and need to have the same principle hammered again and again into their souls and brains so that they can apply it to their real lives.