Top 3 Reasons Antabuse Alcohol Treatment is Rejected

There are a lot of reasons why addicts tend to reject Antabuse alcohol treatment even though it is shown as being very effective at actually discouraging a person from drinking. Essentially the drug discourages drinking by giving the alcoholic a flushed face, headache, speeding heart rate and a bad case of vomiting if they even take so much as one sip of alcohol.

Even though it is a very efficient and effective alcohol treatment many addicts reject it for the following reasons.

Reason #1 – The addict is frightened that they will be killed by the side effect. This is a rumor that has been going around for years and although it is possible to die from the side-effects of taking Antabuse as an alcohol treatment it is very rarely fatal. You have more of a chance of dying if your liver is overwhelmed by the shock of drinking alcohol after being sober for months.

Reason #2 – You may feel that you are giving a drug too much control over your life. The plain fact is that most alcoholics do not like the word “no” and that they feel powerless if they are not able to make choices and be self-reliant. If you take Antabuse as part of treatment you have to realize that it is a tool that should empower you to quit a dependency on a substance called alcohol that is far more controlling.

Reason #3 – The alcoholic that refuses Antabuse as part of alcohol treatment is usually also the alcoholic that wants to leave the door open in case he or she feels like having a cocktail or a beer again soon. It simply expresses an intention to have a drink and the feeling is that the alcoholic does not want his or her buzz ruined by Antabuse side effects.

Ultimately Antabuse is a tool used in alcohol treatment that can really make your entire recovery plan more effective if you don’t make yourself sick by abusing it!