Top 4 Alternative Drug Rehab Methods

Holistic medicine is one of the many approaches to alternative drug rehab.

The ancient practice of holistic medicine has been around for more than 5,000 years. Holistic medicine philosophy supports treating the entire person without medicine or surgery.  These methods include: physical, mental, and social.  Even Socrates believed in holistic medicine.  Holistic medicine is now accepted by mainstream physicians and is certainly used as more than an alternative to drug rehab treatment.

Holistic Tools for Alternative Drug Rehab
Spirituality Enhancement
Nutritional Counseling

Acupuncture has been successfully used as a complementary alternative drug treatment, especially with cocaine users. Acupuncture is one of the most interesting and researched forms of alternative facilities treatment in the world today. Because of this fact, acupuncture is becoming more accepted by traditional medicine. One of the reasons for the acceptance of acupuncture is that its underlying mechanisms have an effect on the nervous system and can be used to explain pain — relieving biochemical, and systemic changes.

Acupuncture involves stimulating specific and no Tom eight points in the body for therapeutic purposes. Jerry suggests that acupuncture works by correcting a balance in the body.  Drug abusers report that acupuncture helps them to relieve stress and pain.

Spiritual enhancement can also be an alternative therapy during drug rehab.  Sometimes it can help a person stay grounded as they discuss their faith during the unstable periods of recovery.  Spirituality takes the focus of one’s self and projects it into all that is good in nature and other people.  Spending time in natural environments such as the mountains or seashore tends to aid in alternative drug center.

Meditation is a harmless alternative to add to regular recovery treatment.  Yoga is often incorporated into a meditation routine as well.  Meditation combined with yoga techniques can be a wonderful relaxation exercise that helps the addict learns to focus in a calm way during rehab.

The ancient Greeks believed, “a strong body; a strong mind”.  Any alternative methods that are incorporated during treatment must include the very best nutrition for the addict during rehab.  Nothing is as good as an abundance of fresh organic foods, but vitamin and mineral supplements should also be taken, especially the vitamin B group.  Most facilities employ a professional nutritionist and the physician in charge will prescribe the needed vitamins and minerals.

There are hundreds of alternative treatment facilities methods to explore.  Alternative drug rehab can be anything from a good book, art therapy, biofeed back, to the 12 step recovery program.  Most of them are helpful and some do nothing.  Their effectiveness often depends upon the level of addiction and what fits the individual’s personality.  It is never a wise venture to go it alone.  Any alternative drug rehab methods should be accompanied by support, detox and of course, the guidance of a professional rehab person.