Top Reasons a Celebrity Rehab Center Fails

There is a reason that you keep reading about celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen and Whitney Houston always having to go back to the celebrity rehab center. It is because the programs in them don’t work.

Here are the top reasons why a residence at a celebrity rehab center may not work as well as a stay at another type of rehab center

Reason #1 Mass Publicity
Many sobriety experts believe that you need privacy before you can recover and this is just not in place at a celebrity rehab center. You will be in the spotlight one way at another. One of the reasons that it is nearly impossible for this to work is because if a big star attends a posh rehab center it gives a great deal of attention to the facility. The people who run the rehab center may want to pretend that they did not leak the name of the new arrival to their facility to the media but it stands to reason that they benefit from the publicity.

Reason #2 It Is a Status Symbol
Going into a fancy celebrity rehab center tells the world you are successful enough to afford the price of them. Some of them cost thousands a week to stay in and are located in Big Sur next to the surf or other wondrous places. The focus is on spa-like perks like back rubs, personal yoga instruction and horseback riding and not really as much on the real job of quitting jobs and alcohol.

Reason #3 Celebrities Do What They Want
At a celebrity rehab center it is much easier to buy what you want from within the center. The staff there might be more in it for the money rather than actually being dedicated to anyone’s well-being as would be the case at a more austere rehab center

Furthermore the atmosphere of permissiveness makes it hard for anyone to really care about their own recover or anyone else’s.

When huge amounts of money are changing hands the rehab center becomes a business just like anybody else’s complete with advertising, publicity and special perks that actually have nothing to do with the actual act of doing what is best for the person. A stay in a rehab center is not something to be taken lightly but the battle against drug and alcohol often is if the point is to watch people “act out” rather then give them the privacy and disciplined activities they need to truly get well.