Top Sober Fun Activities At A Treatment Center

When you go to a drug or alcohol treatment center you will be asked to take part in what are called Sober Fun Activities. These are usually offered after the recovering addict has fully detoxed and is well socialized into group meetings.

Some of the activities you may be asked to participate in as part of your recovery at a treatment center are –

Barbecues – these are often held right on the grounds of the treatment center and supervised by treatment center staff so everyone can attend
Boat Charter – this is not offered to individuals who have expressed a desire to take off out of the program or who are suicidal; it is also not a good choice of entertainment for recovering addicts who are nauseous from taken withdrawal treatment drugs or from withdrawing
Bowling – this is a group activity that is fun, simple and it helps that most bowling alleys are not licensed
Cooking Lessons – this is a great group activity that can teach about nutrition; at the end the participants can share a good meal
Foot ball –this is an activity that is offered to all but usually it is just touch football so that anger or emotionally disturbed treatment center residents are not triggered to violence
Movies – films are usually screened on the premises of most treatment centers but some have programs where they take individuals out to view them; the content of the film may be monitored for its ability to perhaps trigger more sensitive recovering addicts into using
Painting or drawing – many addicts are quite artistic and doing art is a way for them to express themselves so it can be therapeutic and helpful
Shoppng mall outings – this type of activity is not offered at every treatment center because it can trigger obsessive behavior and overspending; it is mainly a perk offered at an expensive celebrity oriented treatment center
Swimming – this is not offered to people who may have withdrawal symptoms that could endanger their life in the water
Volleyball – this is a team activity that is generally open to all who are fit enough to participate

If you are not responding to therapies at a drug  treatment center you may not be offered as many sober fun activities outside of the facility as you would like just simply because if you are isolating or still expressing behaviors that mean you have a desire to use it is possible you will relapse.