Top TEN Signs of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can mean being addicted to many different types of substances. The point is that the symptoms of addiction are usually the same no matter what you are addicted to you.

1. You are neglecting your responsibilities at school or work and your performance is starting to cost you your credibility (or you may have already been kicked out of school or lost your job)
2. You are so addicted you are using drugs under life threatening conditions such as suing dirty needles or selling your body to obtain drugs
3. Your substance abuse is getting you into trouble with the law as in driving while under the influence or stealing to support a bad habit
4. Your substance abuse is causing problems with friends, family or a lover or a spouse; you may be alienating them or they may be dropping their friendship with you.
5. You have built up a drug tolerance and cannot get high any more unless you take very large amounts of a drug
6. You take even more drugs to avoid or relieve withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, nausea or anxiety
7. You have abandoned doing the things you enjoy to focus on how to get drugs
8. You are hiding just how much and how often you use drugs from everyone as the amount you are using would truly reveal you as an addict.
9. You have lost complete control over your drug use and continue using even though you know it is causing infections, mood swings, depression, loss of memory and black outs
10. Drugs control you; you no longer have control and your life is chaos as a result of substance abuse

The more that drugs or alcohol seem to be controlling your life the more likely it is that you have crossed the line from drug use to drug abuse and into having an unmanageable addiction. If this is so it might be time to get help from a substance abuse rehab counselor and maybe even book you for a stay in a rehab.