Top TEN Things That Make A Drug Addict Tick

The drug addict can seem like a mysterious thing to loved ones. Usually the person is not reasonable, won’t admit they have a problem, and it can seem like it is going to be a daunting task to get him or her into a drug rehab.

Basically all an addiction amounts to being is a desire that consumes a person’s thoughts and behaviors. It makes us ask “why does the drug addict want to use drugs again and again instead of fixing the problem. The drug addict is definitely a hard person to understand

The top ten things that make an addict tick are –

  1. An overwhelming desire to get the drugs at any cost
  2. A complete and total preoccupation with drugs
  3. Driven behaviors that reduce cravings and satisfy the obsession that drives the desire to use
  4. A lack of personal control over thoughts, feeling and ideas
  5. A constant feeling of being a failure and the need to escape from it
  6. A physical dependence on the substance
  7. A psychological dependence on the substance that is intense and overwhelming
  8. A tolerance that is created through repeated use that fails to bring the satisfaction that the drug initially had
  9. A complete failure to understand that addiction is always accompanied by consequences
  10. The thing to realize is that addicted people are usually very sick.

They cannot help most of their behaviors and many of them have no idea of the pain they are causing because they have the inability to see anything but the object of desire which is drug.

This is why it is recommended that you get a drug professional such as a counselor or interventionist to help deal with your drug addict if you cannot convince him or her to see how much damage the drug addict behavior is causing everyone.