Treatment Center Assertiveness Training

When you go to a treatment center for drug addiction you can expect to be offered assertiveness training. This is a tool to help people who are struggling with denial; guilt and low-self-esteem learn how to live with accountability, peace and confidence again.

Assertiveness training teaches the drug addict to have a goal and to be organized. This helps the addict get their out-of-control life back on track. Studies have also shown that drug addicts tend to lack assertion and self-esteem and the constant frustration in their lives causes them to turn to drugs.

Another part of assertiveness training at a treatment center is to have the addict be more in touch with his or her true feelings. Then they do not have their usual excuse to use drugs, which is usually to medicate unhealthy feelings of resentment and anger. It also teaches them to put themselves first and be honest with others.

Treatment center counselors are usually on hand to help the drug addict deal with the outfall in their relationships when they decide to change these behaviors. Often enablers and people who use in the addict’s life will become very upset and feel like they are losing control as the addict becomes more assertive. This can cause conflicts that can tempt the drug addict to use but treatment center training and counseling can teach the addict how to get around that. Sometimes it is the codependent that is more upset than the addict by the quitting of the substance as the addict will not seem to need that person as much and the codependent will feel like he or she is losing control.

Assertiveness training teaches the recovering addict to have more clarity about their wants and needs and to become clearer about expressing it to other people. Usually the result is that the life skills given to them at the drug treatment center greatly empower the addict to stay out of trouble and make the changes needed to get ahead in life.