Types of Rehabilitation Centers

There are a few types of Rehabilitation Centers. Below is a list of Rehabilitation Centers and we will examine each type in detail:

  • Drug Rehabilitation Centers
  • Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers
  • Dual Diagnosis Rehabilitation Centers
  • Residential Rehabilitation Centers
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers

It is unfortunate that many people have put themselves into a position where drugs and alcohol control their every behavior. Addiction makes it almost impossible to lead a productive and healthy life. Most addicts scorn the thought of entering a rehab program, but often, such a step is needed if they are going to abstain from using drugs or alcohol. There are many types of drug rehab programs available and finding the right one depends on the drugs being abused and the severity of the addition.

Detoxification is a necessary first step for someone who has such a severe addiction that quitting their drug of choice abruptly could cause a health risk. Certain substances like alcohol and specific anti-anxiety medicines require a medically-supervised detoxification. Once a patient is safely detoxified, the next step would be to enter an inpatient or outpatient drug rehab program.

Inpatient drug rehab programs require that participants reside in a treatment facility. Such programs are for those who have severe addiction issues and are in need of around-the-clock support. After completing their stay, rehabilitated drug addicts can re-enter society or move on to the next stage of treatment which would be residing in a sober-living environment or entering an outpatient program.

For addicts who have not been treated before, or those with relatively mild addictions, outpatient rehabilitation programs are a good choice. These programs usually require daily counseling along with group therapy.

The type of rehab program that will work best depends on the specific addiction issues at hand. It is important to ask plenty of questions before deciding on a rehab program because safety is the number one priority. Through a proper rehab program, addicts can get their lives back and look forward to enjoying the world without the use of addictive substances.