Understanding San Diego Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Do you have questions about San Diego dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is a rather simple psychological term, referring to patients that have two treatable problems: a personality disorder of some sort and a drug addiction. In terms of origin, drug addiction and personality disorder are closely linked together, especially in cases of long-term drug use.

A person who abuses drugs over a long period of time is likely to develop various personality disorders, depending on what the medication does. It’s not uncommon for tranquilizers and antidepressants to cause depressive disorders. Strong prescription pills or illegal hallucinogens can cause problems with schizophrenia. Practically any powerful drug, including alcohol, can lead to anxiety or even suicidal tendencies. San Diego and dual diagnosis can easily go together, as big cities with big business tend to cause great anxiety among the urban population.

Sometimes the reverse is true, and personality disorders can lead to drug usage. Depressed people may seek out illegal drugs or even prescription drugs to help reduce the stress. In fact, unwholesome curiosity about trying dangerous drugs can be called a disorder in its own right. What kind of anxiety or depression is motivating a person to take such rash actions?

These are some of the issues that may be discussed in a treatment center in San Diego, California. Dual diagnosis treatment involves mainly the rehabilitation process, though a detoxification process is necessary to rid the patient of drug content before therapy starts. The patient must learn not only how to cope with stress (which is causing the disorder), but also how to fend off the urge to use drugs as a means of coping. In the end, drugs are a dangerous distraction. Even legal drugs like alcohol, herbal products and prescription pills should be used in moderation. Once a person starts using drugs (any drug) as a long-term coping mechanism, a serious personality disorder is starting to develop.

A San Diego dual diagnosis center may be able to help you, or a family member you know of, that is abusing drugs. You cannot stop a disease like addiction, or a condition like a personality disorder, through sheer willpower. These are medical conditions; physical problems that demand physical resolution before the mental rehabilitation process can begin.

Don’t wait until the addiction and the symptoms become more severe. As soon as you notice the problem, it is the ideal time to take action by consulting a San Diego dual diagnosis center in California!