Ways Pay for An Alcohol Rehab Program

It is one thing to find the alcohol rehabilitation program that is right for you but it is quite another thing to be able to afford it. Many alcoholics do not have a lot of money and neither do their families.  Budgeting and avoiding debt before, during and after treatment is recommended if you want to attend.

Here are some tips for paying for an alcohol rehab program –

  • Call your insurance company and see if they cost any of the cost of participating in an alcoholic recovery program is covered and if so what amount your co-payment by be.
  • Apply for public assistance to see what programs might be in place to get you help for covering the costs of a rehab program. If your case is severe enough you can sometimes get financial help to combat your problem from the government.
  • Ask your employer for help. Certain occupations such as emergency workers or firemen may programs in place to help you pay for your recovery.
  • Talk with your church as sometimes they have money in reserve to treat people in special need of treatment
  • Cash in a retirement savings plan; if you are employed you may have more money available to you than you know. Of course, there could be a cash penalty for withdrawal but if your situation as an alcoholic is severe enough there is no price too high to pay for your sobriety
  • Borrow from family or friends. Sometimes those around you are all too happy to lend you money as long as they see that the funds they give you are absolutely earmarked for attending an alcohol rehab treatment program. Unfortunately many people that have a drinking problem are not trusted by their relatives so this type of plan does not work.

Finally, ask if the alcohol rehab program itself has subsidies or sources of funding available or if they give discounts to hard cases. Many of the alcohol rehab program centers do throw fundraisers and have sponsors or wealthy former patients who create funds for exactly this purpose.