What do Expect in an Alcohol Rehab Facility

Not all people have the identical experience when they enter an alcohol rehab programs but most have an experience that is roughly the same. People with health problems or psychiatric problems that are hand-in- hand but basically you can expect the following treatment from an alcohol treatment rehab facility.

  • First you will check in and be introduced to the staff; unless you are wheeled in on a stretcher due to an overdose or another problem.
  • You will be put through a detoxification process that is individually tailored and depends on the amount you have been drinking and the length of time you have been drinking.
  • During detox you will experience a range of symptom but the most typical are insomnia, tremors and nausea. A good alcohol detox rehab facility will have medical resources in place to deal with more severe symptoms like hallucinations, convulsions, rapid heartbeat and rising blood pressure.
  • If your withdrawal symptoms are too severe you might be treated with sedatives and beta blockers or other drugs that will make you feel calm.
  • Once you are stabilized you will be introduced to a program that is designed to stop you from obsession or focusing on alcoholism.
  • You will more than likely be asked to attend group therapy and individual therapy sessions to help you overcome denial and eliminate the hope that you can drink again without consequence.
  • If you show the depression that is sometimes part of recovery then you might be prescribed anti-depressants for a year or more depending on the policies and medical staff available to do so at the alcohol rehab facility.
  • After you feel better you will be immersed in daily activities in a routine that helps support your recovery and well being.

Treatment usually takes about thirty days and persons in an alcohol rehab treatment facility often have access to things like fitness facilities, swimming pools and yoga classes. It is also common for residents of an alcohol rehab facility to have access to massage therapists, meditation classes and arts and crafts sessions.