What Happens at a Non 12 Step Alcohol Treatment Center

At a non 12 Step alcohol treatment center you can expect less religion to be involved. Instead of being informed of a lot of religious faith you will be taught social-educational ways of dealing with addiction. The goal, like most alcohol treatment center missions, is to achieve long-term, permanent sobriety.
Participants at this type of alcohol treatment center are usually guided through a course that first helps them to identify their patterns, emotional problems and motivations to drink. Qualified instructiors at this type of alcohol treatment center usual help the alcoholic to make changes and dramatically alter the way they think. In short, alcoholism is treated as a behavioral problem rather than a spiritual crises.

Many non 23 step alcohol treatment center teams take the approach that people stuck in substance abuse are driven by immature desires and immediate gratification. They need to be told how to grow up as their immature perceptions and behaviors make them into slaves of the circumstances they often create for themselves.  This type of program often has a great success rate because it works with time proven principles that are very practical.

Unlike a 12 Step Program this type of program will never tell the alcoholic that he or she is powerless over her disease. Instead personal traits will be developed that can help him or her find success and happiness. People are shown how to make dramatic life changes so that they do not use immature coping devices such as drinking to deal with their very adult problems. They are taught how to take control of their lives again.

A good non 12 step alcohol treatment program will also continuously monitor the progress of “graduates” from their program so be sure to look for that trait when you are trying to compare one program against another.