What is Safe Alcohol Detox?

Safe alcohol detox is not something that can be accomplished by yourself at home. You need to attend an alcohol detox addiction center to make sure that you do not encounter a medical emergency while withdrawing from your alcohol dependency.

Safe alcohol detox is the first step to recovery from drinking but it is only safe if you are monitored and treated by medical experts who are there to give you medication or treat you in other ways as you experience the discomfort of those withdrawal symptoms. It can be tempting to detox yourself at home but this is actually physically risky. Detoxing at home alone can also be fatal and lead to the temptation to use the substance of alcohol even more than usual to help combat the sudden onset of some very disturbing and painful withdrawal symptoms.

Safe alcohol detox matters because ethanol, alcohol’s active ingredient does thing like dull the brain’s receptors and reduces heart rate. The body in turn reduces its production of natural painkillers. When the body is deprived of ethanol it goes on overdrive –speeding up the heart and sharpening the brain to the point of hallucinations, mania and panic attacks. In the meantime the body becomes fatigued as it tries to deal with the fallout of withdrawal. Symptoms include seizures, nausea, dehydration, vomiting, hallucination exhaustion, depression, shame and suicidal thoughts.  It is not brave to handle this type of physical and mental ordeal alone. You need to be monitored by a professional in a reputable alcohol rehab.

You need expert counselors and medical staff to deal with this type of reaction or else you are doing your body, mind and soul a disservice. A really good addiction treatment center will make sure that nursing care is provided around the clock in case you experience physical or psychological trauma as a result of the alcohol detox process.