When a Loved One Has a Drug Addiction Problem

It can be really confusing to know what to do when a loved one has a drug addiction problem. The addict may be giving you definite messages that are telling you that they do not want to hear what you have to say. This resistance to you is the “disease of addiction talking.”

The three things that you should do are –
Tell the person you are concerned about their drug addiction. Let them know that excuses and denial of their behavior do not work. Try to have this conversation when they are sober or non-using when their tendency to be defensive might be lower.
Take care of yourself first. Do not let someone else’s drug addiction control your life. Avoid dangerous situations and talk to people you can lean on for support.
Do not blame yourself. The addict will try to blame you for what is going on. Your loved one must accept responsibility for his or her own actions in order to recovery so all you can do is stay out of the way while they try to do this.
Things that don’t work with addicts are:
• Nagging, preaching or crying
• Do not punish them
• Do not make excuses for the drug abuser or try shield them from their behavior
• Do not argue with the person when they are high
• Do not hide their drugs or throw them out

Above all, do not take drugs with the person in order to feel closer to them or keep the connection. All people who are close to those with drug addiction issues feel pushed aside or rejected for one reason or another. You may have to ignore these natural reactions that you have until you can get your loved one into a drug rehab or detox for recovery.