When is Inpatient Drug Rehab Needed?

Sometimes a person needs to go to an inpatient drug rehab if he can’t get past the drug addiction and needs to move into a place where patients live and are treated for a time.

The two options for inpatient alcohol facility or a dual diagnosis facility which allows both drug addiction and mental health issues to be treated together since they often go hand-in-hand.  The person attends several counseling sessions per week, with different focuses: individual counseling, group counseling, and family counseling.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees drug addiction as a disease that it is. The public mainly sees it as a sign of weakness and a behavior problem. So, there is little motivation for a drug added to admit they have a problem and needs inpatient drug addicts. Society considers them delinquents, and nobody wants to be seen as a lowlife. Add to that the fact that, most of the time, the drug abuser is in denial about the problem, and you have a nasty combination.

If drug users do recognize and admit they are in trouble, which is rare, they could feel very guilty, angry, or sad.  The might think they don’t deserve anything good like inpatient drug rehab.  They may feel helpless to fix the problem.  They might become so depressed, hopeless, resigned, or indifferent that they stop caring about their life and safety. They could become careless about danger and even put themselves in harm’s way on purpose.

Quite often, a family intervention is needed to persuade addict to seek help in an inpatient treatment facility. If a drug addict gets caught doing drugs, he may admit it and even promise that he will change or stop. Drug users make promises to other people all of the time but they usually don’t keep them. They often can’t, even when they want to. Remember: drug addicts are brainwashed — they are under a drug’s spell. They figure if they say all the right things, people will believe them and get off their back. It’s rare when drug addicts admit they are ready to change.

If they are pushed and given no other choice, they might go for help and check in at an inpatient facility. Once they are they are in the inpatient drug addiction programs, the treatment can work even if they aren’t convinced they want help, but they have to at least go.

Inpatient drug centers is the best solution for many individuals.  The treatment is usually intense and concentrated.  The person is removed from the environment where temptation to relapse is always present.  As the drug abuser heals during inpatient drug rehab, he becomes stronger and more determined to go forward into a new drug-free life.