Why Do Alcohol Rehabs Sometimes Fail?

Alcohol rehabs are considered to be the most conventional forms of treatment for people who drink too much. Still the critics of alcohol treatment rehabs say that the problem with alcohol rehabilitation centers is that they have a high failure rate.

It has been suggested that the “alcohol is a disease” approach” is one of the problems with conventional alcohol rehabs. Yet another thing that has been suggested is that there is too much dependence on a “higher power” to provide a cure when medical strategies might be in order.

Alcohol Rehabs Are Not Voluntary

Another reason that alcohol rehab programs don’t work for some people is that they are not voluntary. Many people enter treatment because they were court-ordered or nagged into it. Some don’t get there until they suffer a health crisis. Others are there because their families have participated in an intervention to convince them to go. However in many cases, this is not a miracle in action, as you might be led to believe from watching television shows. Many alcoholics see alcohol rehabs as being a place where they “do time” until their rehab “sentence” is over and then they start using again once they are out.

Not enough Individual Treatment

Critics of alcohol rehab recovery programs say you should avoid those that don’t seem to have enough one-on-one time with infidel doctors or psychiatrists. Not all addiction therapists may be qualified to be ones at some of these centers either.

Sometimes people need treatment for mental illnesses or physical illnesses but instead they are subjected to confrontational group meetings, watching films and being asked to participate in Twelve-Step meetings that ask them to put their faith in a “higher power.” This type of treatment works for many, but not for everybody.

Be Careful When Choosing Alcohol Rehabs

When choosing an alcoholic rehab program , make sure you avoid those that have a cultish flair to them that may be a bit too reliant on giving it all up to a higher power to succeed. If you know you have underlying medical and psychiatric problems that could be causing the drinking problem or that a spiritual program may not work for you then you might want to opt to go to one of the many alternative rehabs that exist instead.