Why Interventions Don’t Always Lead to a Rehab Center

If you have a successful intervention, the addict will end up in an rehab center. Basically an intervention is a meeting where all the person’s loved ones sit down and confront the addict and tell them they will leave their lives if they don’t attend the rehab center. However interventions don’t always work and there are more than a couple of reasons why.

First off some people may think that an intervention is something that a friend or family member can do but this almost never works. You need to hire a professional if you want that person in that rehab center. Most interventions led by family members bring up unresolved conflicts and a huge argument that ends up with the drug addict running away and getting even deeper into his or her addiction.

Many rehab center programs have staff that is trained or professional interventionists who help you keep the goal of getting the alcoholic to rehab n view. This prevents family members from acting out or even making the intervention all about them. Usually the addict says terrible or hurtful things to avoid having to go and this can confuse friends and family. They might start to doubt the intervention is a good thing and this can have a disastrous effect on the addict’s ability to make it to rehab.
Another problem is that sometimes not all family members agree that the addict would benefit from going to a rehab center, especially if they think it is expensive. A professional interventionist can prevent one member of the family from convincing others it is not needed.

It is also a good idea to research the rehab center you are thinking of sending your addict to before you do an intervention. For instance, a smoking alcoholic may not fare that well at a non-smoking rehab center. Some women are more comfortable at a center for just women rather than one that mixes the sexes especially is sexual abuse is a trigger for drug or alcohol abuse.

Sometimes the intervention works and the addict agrees to attend the rehab center for detox but the family is not prepared to go through with the cost, transportation or insurance that might be involved. The best way to make sure that an intervention will be successful is to very prepared in advanced to get the addict immediately to the rehab center before he or she changes her mind!