Why We Need Alcohol Treatment Centers for Women

Alcohol treatment centers for women are necessary in this world because women face several challenges in recovery that are gender exclusive. All though men and women drink for many of the same reasons women tend to drink because they are in bad codependent relationships, because they have low self-esteem or self-image problems or a history of sexual abuse. The proper women only alcohol treatment center helps female alcoholics explore all of these issues in a safe and supportive environment.

In addition to emotional and psychological issues drinking affects the health of women quite seriously. Women alcoholics have a higher risk of cancer including Brest and liver cancer. Studies in treatment centers for women have also discovered that women alcoholics also suffer from more brain damage and memory loss as well as bone loss and reproductive problems.  Also it seems that women tend to suffer from hormonal problems that can complicate addiction and also psychiatric problems that make them quite compulsive and obsessive about doing anything to get their hands one bottle of booze.

Alcohol treatment centers for women exclusively are also needed simply because it can be uncomfortable for some women to go through the throes of detox and the emotional hardship of withdrawal in front of men. This is especially true if the alcoholic is very self-conscious as the result of abusive relationships.

Alcohol detox can be a very painful thing and many women prefer to suffer in private rather than deal with recovering alcoholics who are of the opposite sex.

Once the detox part of the treatment is over women will attend individual and group consoling to learn about the root causes of why they drink in the first place.

In these contemporary times there are many alcohol treatment centers that cater specifically to the needs of women and teach them how to live a life that is free of the control of alcohol.