Withdrawal Symptoms

Treating the symptoms of withdrawal is not the same for all drugs. Each drug is different and may have different Drug Abuse Treatment options. Drug detox withdrawal symptoms will vary from person to person. No two people will have the exact same symptoms because of their own beliefs, circumstances and family genetics. Here is some information to give you a general overview of the symptoms and their effects on an addicted person.

While there are vastly different types of addictions, there are more widely spanning withdrawal symptoms. At A Better Tomorrow we can help. During withdrawal, the body is going to go through several changes. Individuals will find themselves going through periods of discomfort as their system, which has to expect the presence of the drug in questions, adjust to life without. Here are some of the most common withdrawal symptoms of all substance abusers.
Anxiety-The thought of not having an upcoming drug fix can cause significant amounts of anxiety.
Paranoia-A more common withdrawal symptom for some drugs than others, paranoia is caused by the misfiring of the brain during withdrawal.
Sleeplessness and Fatigue-Going through withdrawals, the body loses its inability to relax thus for causing restlessness or sleeplessness for the addict. Due to the sleeplessness, the addict begins to go through the phase of fatigue in which the body feels as though it potentially has no more exertion to even get out of bed.
Weight Loss-Due to losing the ability to function properly without drugs, the addict often loses their appetite and begins to lose weight.
Suicidal Thoughts-One of the most extreme withdrawal symptoms, is suicidal thoughts. This is one of several reasons that withdrawal should be under medical supervision as the withdrawal symptoms become so severe that the addict feels they would be better off dead.
Depression-Many drugs take control of the pleasure centers of the brain. Thus, cutting the drugs off abruptly will cause the depression to onset. The brain has forgotten how to produce the pleasurable feelings on its own without the assistance of drugs.
Joint & Muscle Pain, Sweat and Chills, and Exhaustion are some more of the common withdrawal symptoms associated in the decreased usage of abused substances.